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What People Say


Angie Ng


Yongbing, Liu


Stella, the English teacher is seasoned, responsible, warmhearted and humorous. The course content and methods of instruction were always fascinating. I could improve my English in relaxed and happy classes full of chatter and laughter. In addition, I gained some knowledge of the local culture and history as well as social customs and habits from the English classes. In my opinion, this kind of knowledge is of great importance to survive in a foreign country.

My wife attended cooking sessions several times and learned some useful cooking skills.

I strongly recommend FCS to recent arrivals or people who haven’t adapted to local life for the great help provided by the non-profit organization. You will definitely be touched by them!


My mum and I would like to say thank you to you and those who helped made the party a success. We enjoyed it and hence relaying our thanks.                    


Catharine Tan


Thank you FCS for organising the Father's Day tea party today.  The food has warmed every father's heart and soul.


Angie Ng


The teachers and volunteers at FCS were all very dedicated and patiently coached and taught me. My English foundation started strengthening. During the course of study, my teacher, Stella, even customised the curriculum to help me learn. She worked tirelessly to provide me with the materials to improve my listening, speaking, reading and writing. Because of her help, my confidence in learning English improved tremendously. Finally, I was able to pass my Pearson Test of English - my wish has been fulfilled!


I am very thankful for their selflessness in helping others. In particular, I would like to thank Stella for her help. I'll always remember how dedicated you all are. Thank you!          




First time in my life attended father's day gathering... Much appreciated indeed for the invitation.  Thanks to all the volunteers in FCS who successfully organise the event.


VC Leong


Thank you Jiner and team, for the year's effort towards keeping us fit and connected in the midst of the virus challenge.




Zumba was fantastic!




Thank you. As always enjoyed cooking demo.  A great job by all.




Hi, I came for Honey Cake cooking demo last Dec.  Please let Colleen, the instructor, know that I made the honey cake, one for myself, one for a friend's birthday.  I followed the recipe, including Captain Morgan's Rum.  The result was very good. My friend actually said she can taste the rum.  I had cut mine up and shared with some neighbours.  They had commented that it tasted very delicious.  Thank you for organising the cooking demo.   Thank you to Colleen for teaching us.  I have learnt something new that I can bless people. Thanks again. 


Rosalind Tay


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