I came to Perth as a visiting scholar to Curtin University about one year ago together with my wife and my son. Although I had studied English for many years when I was a student in China, I never spoke English as I had no necessity and no language environment before I came here. Soon I found it a big problem without a good ability of listening and speaking English.  When I opened a bank account at Westpac bank, I could hardly understand what the staff said and I couldn’t express myself in English either. It was so embarrassing!

I came to know Touchpoint at a parent’s meeting in Caladenia Primary School. After the introduction of Touchpoint, I recognized that Touchpoint would be right for me to enhance my English ability. The following experiences staying with Touchpoint were really wonderful. Stella, the English teacher is seasoned, responsible, warmhearted and humorous. The course content and methods of instruction were always fascinating. I could improve my English in relaxed and happy classes full of chatter and laughter. In addition, I gained some knowledge of the local culture and history as well as social customs and habits from the English classes. In my opinion, this kind of knowledge is of great importance to survive in a foreign country.

Linda and Jiner the staff of Touchpoint were also of great help to me in my daily life. I took part in a parenting course in Linda’s house on Friday evenings for 4 times and learned what I urgently needed since my son is 6 years old and we were facing parenting problems at the very time. My wife attended cooking sessions provided by Touchpoint several times and learned some useful cooking skills. We also participated in Christmas activities and my whole family had lots of fun. We really appreciate Linda’s and Jiner’s hardwork. Kelly the volunteer always helped my wife and me to practice English and took us to visit some interesting places. All these things have made the daily life of our family diversified and colorful.

In Touchpoint I not only improved my English and some other skills but also made good friends. Time flew so fast and the fruitful year of 2016 came to an end. I will go back to China on 17th Jan, 2017. I would like to express my thanks to all the staff of Touchpoint and my friends from the bottom of my heart and invite you to visit Chengdu one day.  

I strongly recommend Touchpoint to recent arrivals or people who haven’t adapted to local life for the great help provided by the non-profit organization. You will definitely be touched by Touchpoint!

                                                                                                                - Testimonial by Yongbing (2017)

一年前我带着妻子和孩子,以访问学者的身份来到了珀斯科廷大学。虽然我在国内已经学了好几年的英文,但我从来没有机会也没有需要以英语沟通。所以当我来到这个国家时,听和讲英语成了我最大的生活障碍。记得当我上银行申请开账户时,我根本无法听懂银行职员说什么?也无法用正确的英语来表达我的意思,那时有多尴尬啊!我在学校的一次家长会中得知了Touchpoint 社区服务站,觉得它将能帮助提高我的英文水平。以后我在Touchpoint 上英文课时的确获益不浅!Stella老师,她是一个很负责任,很热心的人。她经验丰富,以风趣幽默的教学方式教导我们;其教学内容和形式也很吸引人!我们在轻松活泼的气氛中学习英文,在欢笑中不知不觉地提高了英文水平!在课堂上我也认识了澳洲本土的一些风俗习惯、文化历史。生活在异国他乡,对我个人来说,这些知识是非常重要的。Touchpoint 的职员Linda 和Jiner,他们也在我的日常生活中帮助很大。我参加了四次在Linda家所举办的家教课程,认识到了我们做家长的,在面对一个六岁的孩子的行为举止,该采用的一些管教方法。这对我们夫妻来说是很重要的,是及时的帮助。我的妻子也参加了好几次Touchpoint 主办的烹饪课,从中学到了一些有用的烹饪技巧。我们一家也参加了年底的圣诞活动,深深地感受到了节日的欢乐!我们非常欣赏Linda和Jiner勤奋不懈的工作精神。还有义工Kelly女士,常常帮助我们夫妻练习英文,还带着我们去一些有趣的地方。这一切都无形中让我们在澳洲的生活显得多么的多姿多彩!Touchpoint 不但帮助我提高了英文程度和生活素质,同时也让我们交上了好多好朋友!光阴似箭,一转眼,2016年的丰富生活就这样挂上了句号。我将于2017年1月17日回中国。我要在此向所有Touchpoint 的工作人员和朋友表示我衷心的感谢!也邀请你们有一天到我们成都这里来玩。各位刚到澳洲的朋友,或还未适应本地生活的朋友,我极力推荐Touchpoint 社区服务站,请到这间非盈利的结构来接受帮助,你们将会有意想不到的收获和感动! 




My mum and I would like to say thank you to you and those who helped made the party a success. We enjoyed it and hence relaying our thanks.

Merry XMAS and Happy New Year.
See you next year 2017                           - Catherine Tan (December 2016)


Zumba was fantastic xxx  - Roshnee Rangan (October 2016)

When I first arrived in Australia, my English language was very poor. Although I started attending English classes, there was very little improvement. On one occasion when I was attending a parent meeting at my children’s school, I met some of Touchpoint volunteers.  They invited me to attend the English classes at Touchpoint. The teachers and volunteers at Touchpoint were all very dedicated and patiently coached and taught me. My English foundation started strengthening from then on. During the course of study, my teacher, Stella, even customised the curriculum to help me learn. She worked tirelessly to provide me with the materials to improve my listening, speaking, reading and writing. Because of her help, my confidence in learning English improved tremendously. Finally, I was able to pass my Pearson Test of English - my wish has been fulfilled!

Even though I've been through other intensive English courses, I have to give credit to the teachers and volunteers at Touchpoint. I am very thankful for your selflessness in helping others. In particular, I would like to thank Stella for her help. I'll always remember how dedicated you all are. Thank you!             -   Karina (July 2017)

我剛來澳洲,英文可以說完全不懂,就這樣來到了澳洲。雖然有上過英文課但太深澀了,進步有限。在一次的机會中参於孩子學校聚會遇到了Touchpoint志工老師們。藉由他們的牽引進入了Touchpoint學習英文課程。這裡的老師們志工們各各都很有耐心的陪讀與輔導。因此啟蒙我英文基礎,在學習的過程中Stella老師還為我量身訂做課程,以我的需要的做安排有效的課程來進行,針對考試方向。她不厭其煩的搜尋到考試的资料,有関聽,說,讀,寫。也因為有她的協助我更加有信心。最後終於如我願通過了考試测驗。雖然有上過密集課程。但我想一切還是歸於Touchpoint的老師於志工們的協助等等加上你們大家無私付出感謝你們,更感謝Stella老師的幫忙,目前還没有能力有所回瞶。但永遠記得你們付出的一切。感謝。- Karina 



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