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About Us


Faith Community Services, a community arm of Faith Community Church, is a not-for-profit charitable organisation. It was officially registered in October 2011.

We aim to serve the community by promoting the social, cultural, emotional and physical well-being of all people, meeting various levels of needs in the local community within Perth.

Over the last few years, Faith Community Services has reached out to new migrants, single-parent families, pre-schoolers and students through our various community enrichment programmes. To better meet the needs of the community, we have partnered with local city councils, schools and other community groups. 


Meet our team


Kin Ho - CEO

With my early training at a major international accounting firm and long career in an investment bank with international presence, I have experienced what it takes to serve and meet the needs of people from all walks of life.  I remain committed to seeing people achieve their potential and am passionate about helping them do well in life.



Deon - Community Development Officer

Compared to the years of corporate life, this role gives me a different fulfilment.  Being able to interact and share life with people who attends Faith Community Services (FCS) brings much joy to my heart, making every day at FCS an enriching and rewarding experience.



Jessie - Accounts Officer

Handling finance is my role in Faith Community Services but beyond that, I enjoy meeting people and helping out in the various programs.  The opportunities to connect with the community brighten up my days.


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