Adult English Program


At Faith Community Services (previously known as Touchpoint Community Services), we believe that in order for migrants from non-English speaking backgrounds to be fully integrated within the local community, they need to be functional in the use of the English language.  The ultimate aim is for them to ease into the Australian society, after having the knowledge and understanding of the language and culture.

Adult Social Support Program


A social platform for migrants to meet people, interact with one another and simply have fun together.  Simple cooking lessons, fitness programs, arts & crafts, talks, workshops and field trips are held through this program.

Life Skills Seminar


Adhoc seminars and talks are held during the course of the year that enrich and benefit the community.  To date, Faith Community Services (previously known as Touchpoint Community Services) has held marriage seminars, health and beauty talks, parenting workshops, cyber safety talks, safe fishing talks and so on.

Tutorial Program


Tutorial services and supervised studies from Year 5 to Year 12.  This service is provided to students who need assistance in their school subjects, especially English and Mathematics.

Table Tennis


No age limit, no skill limit.  Whether you are a first timer or a professional player, all are welcome for a casual get together for a game or more.



Mums join for a time of sharing over morning tea while the kids engage in a time of games, toys, storytelling and craft.  A great place for mums to connect with one another and share life stories and develop support for one another.